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Often the last thing a pet owner wants to do is to surrender a beloved pet to a shelter, but issues do arise.  Home Dog L.A. runs The North Central Shelter Intervention Program, (NSCIP),  based at the North Central Shelter in Los Angeles. The program serves the surrounding community and aims to assist in solving issues so that people can keep their beloved pets.

Ways NCSIP helps:
• connecting pet owners with spay/neuter services
• medical costs for a sick or injured pet
• helping with owner redemption fees when a pet has landed in the shelter
• food donations
• providing leashes & collars
• humane euthanasia in the case of old age or terminal illness 
• dog training classes
• landlord issues

By keeping pets and families together, NCSIP helps impact the problem of overcrowding at North Central Shelter, which gives the animals who need to be there more time to find forever homes.

Zip Codes We Service:


We are at:
North Central Shelter
3201 Lacy St., Los Angeles, CA 90031

Tuesday through Friday 8AM - 4PM
Saturdays - 10AM - 3PM
Sundays - 11AM - 4PM

Leave us a message: 213-221-4895