Happy Anniversary to Us!

Exactly ONE year ago today, the North Central Shelter Intervention Program began.  Kerry Armstrong and Lana Meier, pictured here with inspiration and mentor Lori Weise of Downtown Dog Rescue/South LA Shelter Intervention Program, set up our little table at the North Central shelter, not knowing what would happen next, but hoping we could do something to help the people and pets of North Central LA.  And that VERY first day, we did.


Josephine came in with her 10-year-old chow mix, Lucky, who she'd had since he was a puppy.  Her landlord had suddenly demanded a pet deposit, and Josephine didn't have the money.  So we paid it and sent Lucky and Josephine home together.  One less dog in the shelter, and one less person, heartbroken.  It was a beginning.

Since then, we've kept 500 pets out of the shelter and home with their families, where they're loved and where they belong.  We've helped spay and neuter many others, helped with medical and behavioral issues, and have helped families say goodbye to their beloved pets while holding them in their arms, humanely euthanized by a private veterinarian.  

If you look through all the posts prior to this one, you'll see story after story of people and pets we've helped.  But for us, one of the most amazing stories was the first one posted here, the story of Charlie Girl, the dog who defended her family from armed intruders. She was shot, and in the confusion that followed, was taken to the shelter where her condition was stabilized. But Charlie would have perished without a lifesaving amputation that the shelter veterinary clinic is not equipped to handle. Her family didn't have the money for her surgery so with the help of Annie Hart, we quickly raised the funds and Charlie went home afterwards with her family, a happy tripod dog. 

A year later, she and the North Central Shelter Intervention Program were declared Citizen Heroes by the American Red Cross. Charlie's save was one of our proudest moments as an Intervention Program, but we are more far more proud of Charlie herself, and were honored to be part of the celebration of her bravery.  

ncsip charlie girl & kerry.jpg

We'd also like to acknowledge the rescues, foundations, merchants, vendors, restaurants and organizations that have held fundraising events on our behalf.  Most are listed on the "Our Network" page on this website, with links to their own websites or facebook pages.  Without their help, we couldn't do the work we do, and we are very grateful.  Please give to them and/or frequent their businesses.  They do so much for so many.  

As does our Board of Directors.  At this year's Race for the Rescues, they helped us raise one-third of our annual operating budget.  Pictured here is part of Team Home Dog -  left to right, the Intervention Team - Sara Harris, Sally Nemeth, Lana Meier and Kerry Armstrong - along with Home Dog board members Jenny Brady, Debbie Zeitman and Tamara Brown.

Finally, in celebration of our first year of Intervention, we want to thank every one of you who believe in our mission and share our posts, who give money, supplies and time, and who support us wholeheartedly.  Without you, none of what we do would be possible.  Here's to another year of keeping pets and families together, one home at a time. Thank you, for ALL that you do.