Charlie Girl!

Charlie did what we hope our own dogs would do - she defended her family when an intruder entered their home.  Charlie and two of her canine siblings ran after the intruder, but the intruder fired four shots at the dogs as he ran off.  Two of the bullets hit Charlie, one in her front right leg and the other her back right leg.  Her owner told us "If Charlie had not taken the bullet, it would have hit one of my children." 

Because her family didn't have the resources to pay for an expensive surgery and were caught up in the moment of chaos, they felt they had no option other than to tearfully let the police officer take Charlie to the shelter, hoping she would get the care she needed.  But they desperately wanted Charlie, who had been a part of their lives since she was a puppy, back.  One of the Animal Care Technicians at the shelter called Kerry at The North Central Shelter Intervention Program, and she got the ball rolling.

Charlie's front right leg had a compound fracture low on the humerus and required amputation. Her back right leg had a deep laceration that needed treatment.  It was estimated that the surgeries and after-care would cost upwards of $3,000, and the shelter veterinary isn't set up for such complicated and expensive care.  So, through crowd funding and with the help of the Bill Foundation, the money was quickly raised for Charlie's surgery, and her family came to get her at the shelter.  It was a joyous reunion.  

Now Charlie Girl is home with her family, minus a leg, but cherished all the more for that loss.  Because the family gained the knowledge that people do care - complete strangers, who responded to Charlie's story with love and money.  

Charlie even got to give Kerry a thank you kiss.  But she'd like to give one to ALL of you who shared her story and made her reunion and recovery happen!