The Ballad of Susie & Sadie

This is the story of a village coming together for one dog and that dog’s owner. We met Susie a couple months ago when she was driven to North Central Shelter by a friend in the hopes of reclaiming her dog Sadie. Susie was too weak to drive herself. She'd rescued Sadie 12 years ago when she saw her thrown from a moving car on the 110 freeway and loved and cherished her ever since. And then Susie became very ill with cancer, lost her home and moved to a trailer home. The manager of the trailer park told her that Sadie was not allowed to stay there due to her breed, and Susie had no option other than to give Sadie to her old neighbor in hopes he could take care of her.

After a while, the neighbor took Sadie to the shelter but since she was microchipped Susie was called. Sadly, Susie had nowhere to bring Sadie home to. We convinced her that given the fact the neighbor had given Sadie up, the shelter was the safest place for her and we would work to reunite them. The amazing tenants rights lawyer Dianne Prado stepped in to help, and won permission for Sadie to return home to live with Susie in her trailer.


But Susie had taken a turn for the worse, was nearing the end of her life and had been moved to hospice care. Which meant a new plan of action was needed. A rescue or adopter was needed for Sadie, a dog who had spent the last 12 years sleeping with Susie every night. Josh Liddy of Swaylove met us at the shelter and took amazing photos and videos of Sadie and posted her story on his Facebook page. Her story touched many hearts but it was the Petaluma Animal Services Foundation who stepped up in a big way. They found a foster, raised the money for the trip and three dedicated volunteers made the 9 hour drive to Los Angeles to take Sadie home. 

They even had a comfy dog bed and bone waiting for her in the back of the SUV. The director of the Foundation wrote a heartfelt, beautiful letter to Susie assuring her that Sadie will be loved and well taken care of until the end of her days. These extremely good-hearted people want to give Sadie the life she deserves for her remaining years. Because Susie was at the end of her life, her close friend asked us not to stop by the nursing home with Sadie. There were mixed feelings on this but we felt strongly about honoring the friend’s request. But Susie knew that Sadie was in good hands.

In fact, at 11AM, the same time the wonderful women of Petaluma left the North Central Shelter to drive Sadie home, Susie left this world. Knowing that her best friend Sadie was safe and in loving arms, Susie could finally let go.