The Choice

This is your choice.  Your life has fallen apart, you've lost your home and your job, you live in your car and the only thing that's constant is your companion, Rocky.  Then your car is repossessed and Rocky, who was in it, is taken to the shelter. You only can only raise enough money for one thing or the other - your 'home', the car, which will help you find a job to get you out of the mess you're in, or the dog, your little love, a gift from a friend.  Which do you choose?  

Fortunately, for this owner, she didn't have to.  We were there at the shelter to help. With the rest of her life in shambles, this young woman needed her beloved dog back. No question in her mind.  Since Rocky was already neutered and vaccinated he could be released right away, so we paid the redemption fee. Rocky was ecstatic to be reunited.  Now they have a friend to stay with until they get their car back. And Rocky is safely 'home', where he is loved, and where he belongs.