Home for Mother's Day

Ruby, her rambunctious four-month-old puppy Milo, and her five-year-old daughter were living at her mother's house. 

Last Sunday, Ruby walked in to find her mom offering a bone to both Milo and her own older poodle mix. A tussle ensued over the bone, and Milo won. The poodle was fine, but Ruby, her daughter and Milo were kicked out of the house. With nowhere to stay and no other options, she brought the puppy to North Central Animal Shelter. 

Two days later, she found a house for rent where she could keep Milo, so she went back to the shelter to redeem him, not knowing how much it would cost. With her moving expenses, she had no money left to re-adopt her dog.  Ruby broke down crying at his cage. Shelter staffers José and Marissa reached out to the North Central Shelter Intervention Program to see if we could help Ruby and Milo.

This was a mom who was willing to do everything she could to keep her little family together, so we happily paid the redemption fee.  Milo went to the vet for neuter, Ruby is signing Milo up for obedience training as soon as he recovers from his surgery, and the family is together again, just in time for Mother's Day!  

Happy Mother's Day to all moms and dog-moms everywhere.