One good deed...

This is a story that begins with one good deed, followed by another, and another, and another...

Roscoe is a two year old boxer mix, playful, joyous and beloved by his owner, Jacqueline.  She took good care of him, exercised him, and - VERY important - microchipped him.  

But one night when Roscoe was in the back yard, some neighbors set off a barrage of fireworks.  In a terrified frenzy, Roscoe jumped a five-foot fence and was gone. 

Jacqueline and a friend scoured the neighborhood, but couldn't find the frightened boy anywhere.  

That next morning, thanks to the information found on Roscoe's microchip, Jacqueline got a call from the staff at the North Central Shelter.

Roscoe had been hit by a car and brought in by a Good Samaratin.  Two of his legs were broken, his hip was displaced, and his medical care would cost far more than Jacqueline had.  But she was willing to pay everything she could to make her boy well again.

The shelter staff referred her to the Intervention Program and we found a vet who would do the required surgeries affordably.  We pitched in $300, and among her friends Jacqueline was able to come up with another $600, so Roscoe was transported to the vet. But the surgeries still exceeded the $900 she had.  

So she set up a fundraising page online, and among the many donations people sent, she received this one - 

George Magallanes was the person who found Roscoe after he'd been hit, and who took him to the shelter that awful night.  He said that in taking Roscoe to the shelter, he did what anyone else would have done, but that's not necessarily true.  Many would have left poor Roscoe to die.  But because of George's one good deed, many good deeds followed, and ALL the money was raised for Roscoe's surgery and aftercare. 

Roscoe came through his surgeries with flying colors, and just yesterday Jacqueline was able to bring him home where he'll recover on his own soft bed.  

But none of this would have happened without that one good deed that was followed by followed another, and another, plus an owner willing to do everything she could to make Roscoe whole again.  
He's a little skinny after his ordeal, but clearly comfy and happy to be back at home.  We have no doubt he'll be chasing Frisbees and romping happily with Jacqueline again soon.  Our best to them both, and our thanks to everyone who helped make him whole.