For Amelia, who rescues others.

Meet dear Amelia and her best pal Negrito. On her last day of work at a doggie day care center and groomer that was sadly going out of business, Amelia reached out to us to vet check, microchip and vaccinate her little old man.  We were happy to help, and after microchipping Negrito ourselves, we referred her to the wonderful and affordable services at the Pet Care Vet Center.

But Amelia couldn't ignore the situation at another groomer a few doors down from the day care where she'd worked.  It too was going out of business.  She said, "I was passing by and I noticed signs on the front door -  'Dogs Go!' and 'Free Dogs!' I went in to ask what they meant. The lady in charge told me, 'Sick dogs must go!  No take - we let go in the street!' so I grabbed a Yorkie mix, and as soon as I could, I tried to go back for the others, but they weren't there anymore.  They were all gone." 

Could you leave this adorable pup to fend for herself on the streets?  Jobless and barely able to cover Negrito's bills, Amelia couldn't leave her. Now Amelia is looking for a home for this little girl. If anyone is interested, PLEASE message our facebook page, or email us using this website's contact page. Even when she was stretched to the limit, Amelia reached out to rescue another dog.  Help her find a home for this little snaggle-toothed sweetie!