Why We Follow Up

Echo Park resident Anne Schwarz found this terrified little spaniel on her porch one recent morning.  Anne, an experienced dog rescuer, knew that the best thing to do for the dog was to take her to the shelter to give her owners a chance to find her.  With the help of another veteran neighborhood dog rescuer, Christine Peters, they gently nabbed the dog, and took her to North Central Shelter.  

But their involvement with this dog didn't end with dropping her off.  They placed an "I.P." on her, which meant that if she wasn't adopted within the time the owner has to find and redeem the dog, they'd make sure one of them found her a good, safe foster home so she wouldn't have to stay too long in the shelter. AND they contacted us and asked us to keep an eye out for her.  Which we did.  

The dog was microchipped and the people whose information was on the chip were notified.  But they claimed they'd given the dog away a year ago, which didn't sound quite right.  She'd clearly had a litter of puppies, and the fact that they couldn't tell the shelter who they'd given the dog to raised some red flags.  But while we counted the days until her redemption date was up, we continued to hope her rightful owner would come forth to claim her.  

And he did.  This is David, happily reunited with his Mimi.  He'd entrusted her to a former neighbor to take care of while he looked for an apartment where the landlord would allow her.  Finally, he found that apartment, but when he went back to the neighbors to claim Mimi, they said she'd run away.  He suspected they'd been trying to breed her, and had just sold the puppies and let her go, but he didn't confront them.  Instead he came straight to the shelter with only enough money in his pocket to pay for his car registration and half of Mimi's redemption fee.  Because he'd made the effort and found a dog friendly home, and because he so obviously cared deeply for her, we happily paid the balance and sent Mimi and David off to their new home together.  

Remember Roscoe, who bolted at late June fireworks and was hit by a car?  With the 4th of July fast approaching, his owner Jackie was afraid she couldn't keep him still and calm and he'd damage his fractured pelvis, which is still mending.  So we sent trainer Larry Hill to her.  Larry runs Puppy Imprinters dog training academy, and teaches a Sunday morning class at 11:30, open to the public,  in the park next to the shelter.  When dogs and their owners need help and can't afford it, we'll pay for up to 5 classes with Larry to solve the issues that often result in dogs being relinquished to the shelter.  Which was DEFINITELY not the case for Roscoe.  He's beloved and home to stay, but still, Jackie needed Larry's expertise, and with some calming techniques - plus a little medicinal assistance - she was able to keep Roscoe safe on the 4th.  

Maria and Cipriano Reyes did the right thing and had sweet Mama Dog, pictured here, spayed after having an unintended litter two years ago. They gave away all of her pups but the one they'd named Robbin. Then a year later, another one of the pups, Rocky, was returned to them.  They'd always loved him - he was the runt of the litter - but now at 70 pounds he wasn't a little baby anymore.   




ncsip rocky and robbin.jpg

After a few weeks, and even after neutering, they found the two brothers starting to fight. When we met them, they were ready to turn Robbin into the shelter, but really did not want to. Larry Hill began working with Maria and Cipriano at home on yard training and on-leash walking with the quarreling brother dogs. They've done well, and next week, they will begin taking Sunday group classes with Larry at the park next to the shelter.  

THIS is why we follow up.  Because you never know if an owner will show up, or when dogs just need training to keep everyone in the home safe and happy.