A Time to Celebrate

We love when we can share happy stories. Here are a couple we have for you.

Serena & Magic



Earlier this year, our client Serena had a terrible accident that left her partially paralyzed on half of her body. It took her months to recover, during which time, her little dog Magic was always by her side. When Serena found transitional housing that included physical therapy, she was informed that Magic would need a certificate of obedience from a trainer in order to live with her. 

She signed up with Larry Hill's "Me and My Dog" classes through Home Dog LA's intervention program at the North Central Animal Shelter. After five weeks of diligent work, they passed the final test with flying colors. As Serena puts it, "Every step I take with Magic is like medicine. It cures me and makes me stronger. If it weren't for him, I would still not be walking. If it weren't for Home Dog L.A. I would not have a place to live with my dog." 

Thank you, Serena, for allowing us to be part of your recovery!

And a little bit more to be happy about...

Laura & Nene

Laura, & Neen

Laura, & Neen

Laura and her father adopted little Nene from North Central Animal Shelter years ago. When they lost their home to the bank, Laura moved into a mobile home with Nene.

Sometimes it's hard to keep a spunky little guy in place when you have to pick up and move your home every few days. Nene got scared by fireworks near Dodger Stadium where Laura had parked for the night, and he ran. Luckily someone was able to catch him and take him to the shelter.

Nene was microchipped, so Laura and her father got as much money together as they could and we helped with the rest to redeem him.

Now he's Home Sweet Mobile Home again!