Darren & Sassy!

Darren had a year of ups and downs. And through it all, he  depended on his dog Sassy. She is his best friend, his emotional support dog, his whole world. Darren and Sassy had been living in their car for two weeks, when Darren was pulled out of his car by LAPD and arrested. While he was kept overnight, Sassy was sent to North Central Animal Shelter.

When Darren was released the next morning he walked, in his socks only, from downtown Los Angeles to reclaim her. He had $1 to his name. Luckily, the North Central Shelter Intervention Program was able to cover the $87 it cost to get Sassy out of the shelter.

Our Intervention Counselor drove home to bring Darren a pair of shoes in his size. After Sassy was released from the shelter and spayed at a local vet, we gave Darren and Sassy a ride to a Motel 6 where we covered a two night stay for Sassy to heal. 

Through donations we also provided them with dog food, a toiletries kit, a sleeping bag, a sack lunch and a gift card to Subway. 

Two weeks later, Darren and Sassy came back in to say hello and thank you. They were on their way to Northern California where a friend of Darren’s had opened up her home to them while Darren looks for work. We love this story. Because it goes to show that sometimes a helping hand can lift someone up higher than they expected. 

The missing puzzle piece was Darren’s car in impound. All of his belongings, and Sassy’s, were in that car. Thank you to our supportive community, we were able to raise the $500 needed to get his car out of the tow yard plus fill it up with gas and send them off with two bags of groceries.