Rex & Michael

Rex the senior pittie has special medical needs, and his owner Michael takes excellent care of him. Though Michael is on disability, even on his fixed income he manages to care for Rex. His vet pitches in with the subcutaneous fluids and meds Rex needs, and Michael takes care of everything else.  

But one day, Rex fell into the wrong hands. Since Rex is an old guy and never leaves Dad's side, Michael lets him stroll in the park, dragging his leash. A group of local toughs grabbed Rex's leash and ran off, taunting Michael. Michael gave chase and phoned the police, but by the time the police arrived, Michael had lost his best friend. Luckily, Rex ended up at North Central Shelter, where he was scanned for a microchip. There it was, with all of Michael's contact information, and Michael was immediately called.


Michael rushed to the shelter only to learn that he would be required to pay Rex's redemption fee plus delinquent licensing fees. With Rex's medical issues, it was important to get him home ASAP. Michael only had $20 until his next check, so we helped him cover the rest so this sweet senior could go home where he is loved and cared for. Rex howled with joy upon being reunited with his dad!  And Dad will never let Rex's leash leave his hands again.