Jesusita & Solovino

Imagine that you are low income, have no transportation, speak only Spanish, and you love your dog deeply. That dog is now 17 years old and struggling, and you want to help him gracefully pass from this world. What would you do?

Jesusita reached out to us for help with her beloved Solovino. Our counselor, Sandra, connected with Jesusita and arranged to meet her and Solovino to assist the family with humane euthanasia so that Jesusita could be with him until the end. 

"Jesusita found this dog in Echo Park. He just showed up at her house, so she named him Solovino," said Sandra. 16 years later, Solovino had advanced arthritis and various ailments that come with aging. "He stopped being able to get up, so she knew the time had come. She lives in Echo Park in one of those steep walk ups. With the help of her neighbor we carried him to the car. Bought him one last burger...(still loved to eat). It was very emotional. We were all three crying. Me, her, and the neighbor. The doctor was a Spanish speaker, which was great. It was really peaceful."

So often low income people feel that when their pet reaches the end of life their only option is to surrender their canine family member to the shelter, which is heartbreaking for all involved. We were glad we were able to help Jesusita and Solovino stay together for their final good-bye.

Thank you Sandra for going above and beyond. And sweet next life, Solovino. You were very loved in this one.