Home Dog LA believes that every family deserves to keep their beloved pets, even when they come across hard times. Our mission is to prevent economically stressed families of North Central Los Angeles from surrendering their pets to the shelter by presenting them with alternative options. We offer access to resources, education, and information, all designed to help keep pets in their homes. Ultimately, we hope our work makes the community a more compassionate place to live.


Kerry Armstrong
After years of volunteering in shelters, Kerry founded HDLA to provide resources to low income pet owners so that they can keep their pets instead of turning them in to the shelter due to financial or other hardships. Before moving to LA in 2007, Kerry trained dogs in New York City with 'Who’s Walking Who', produced commercial photo shoots, and was part of the experimental theater company Red Dive. In LA, she was the Senior Producer of The Moth StorySLAM Series and main stage events. She lives on the East side of LA with her screenwriter husband, two energetic children, a small herd of dogs and one corn snake.



Sally Nemeth is an award winning playwright and screenwriter. Her plays have been produced by theaters throughout the English speaking world and many are published. She began her TV career writing for "Law & Order," and has written for every major television network. She's also a published author of novels for young adults. A lifelong rescuer of critters, large and small, she and her husband live with two former shelter dogs, two ex street cats, four hens and countless fish.

Lana Meier has worked as Director of Business Operations at a boutique talent agency specializing in music for the past 15 years. She has always been passionate about animals, which evolved into her doing rescue work. Lana works closely with The Little Red Dog rescue, and evaluates and pulls dogs from shelters for the organization. Every Saturday, Lana counsels families for Home Dog LA at the North Central Shelter Intervention table, and follows up during the week to be sure that their needs have been met. Lana loves living in the chaos of a home with her husband and assorted rescue pups.



Julie Maigret is an Interior Designer with a background in advertising and marketing. But her real passion is dog ownership. Over the past ten years, Julie has lent her talents to local rescue organizations through serving as a staff photographer, organizing adoption events, planning fundraising events and running social media campaigns to help raise awareness for these vital organizations. She is pretty stoked to become a part of the innovative and impactful world of Shelter Intervention Groups and feels Home Dog LA is a pioneer in changing the lives of animals and humans for the better. And there can never be enough of that. She lives in Los Feliz with her entrepreneur husband and two dogs; Pico, the strong willed and greedy Chiweenie, and Sydney Bristow, the intense and mysterious Basenji Mix.

sandra_IMG_8125 tighter crop.jpg

Sandra Shadic was introduced to shelter intervention via social media and soon began volunteering. Her furry family includes rescue mutts Hapa and Evander who have hijacked her social media accounts with their silly antics. Sandra recently decided to expand her animal repertoire by switching careers paths and working as a Client Services Specialist at her local animal hospital.

Carol Shogren is a top producing real estate agent, honored with The President's award in 2016 at Rodeo Realty. Former member of the USPTA, she enjoys squash, golf, and home renovation & design. At any given time in all of our lives each of us probably could use a little help sometime, and Carol truly believes that when all the rescue organizations work together, we can accomplish change in the lives of people and their pets. Carol has the joy of sharing her life with her dogs, Newman and Mugs, rescues from The Amanda Foundation, and her dog, Foster, from The East Valley Shelter.

Jessica Youd lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Tim, five children, and many rescue pets. Jessica runs her family's non-profit business, Margo's Bark Soda Co. This company began as a school science fair project when her son Oscar was in kindergarten. One hundred percent of Margo's Bark profit is donated to animal rescue. Jessica is also a board member at St. James Episcopal School.



Isabel Renteria

Joanna Pequeño

Lana Meier

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